Frequently asked questions
Q. How are monuments engraved?
A. Most people do not realize the enormous amount of work that goes into the making of a memorial. Our engraving process has many steps. Each is performed by skilled craftsmen to ensure that our memorials are a work of art and something in which the family will take pride.

After a memorial selection is made, our artist goes to work to create a layout of the design that has been chosen. This may include special drawings in addition to computer work.

We have put many of our designs into our computer, which has a plotter to cut the stencil. The stencil is then glued to the granite. Pieces of the stencil are removed, exposing the lettering and design to be sandblasted. One of our trademarks is how deeply cut our lettering is sandblasted into the rock, which creates the picture on the stone. After removing the stencil and thoroughly washing the memorial, it is ready to be installed in its permanent location.
Q. Are custom designs available or is a customer limited only to stock designs?
A. Heritage Memorials, Inc., has the skilled artisans to produce individual, custom-designed memorials. Customers are limited only by their imagination as to the design that can be created on the memorial.
Q. How can the prices of similarly sized monuments vary so much?
A. Most often, the reason is because the quality varies. Either the stone itself is not as durable or as fine a grade as it could be, or the craftsmanship is not very evident. Less expensive monuments often share these characteristics. The beauty of a memorial lies in the talent of the artist and the skill and caring of the engravers. If cost is an important consideration, it may well make more sense to reduce the size and design complexity of the memorial rather than to compromise on the quality of the stone or the workmanship.
Q. How safe is it to order a monument over the Internet?
A. When buying a memorial, it's important to actually be able to see and feel the kind of granite that is used and to know that your local dealer will be there when you call. Online ordering cannot duplicate that interaction. There's also the consideration of shipping costs and installation arrangements.
Q. Isn't all granite the same?
A. Granite varies from a very hard, durable stone that withstands weathering to a softer stone that ages in various unattractive ways. There is obviously a price difference based on quality.

There is also a difference in the quality of the cutting and polishing of the granite as it is done at the finishing plant.

Many things determine the price of a monument, and it is in the consumer's best interest to learn about them.

Q. What are the qualities of better grade memorial stones?
A. The best stones are quarried from seams of the hardest, finest crystalline granite. They are chosen for their fineness of grain, purity of color, hardness and lack of any visible imperfections. They are guaranteed to remain that way forever if they have the Rock of Ages sealmark.™
What do stones cost?
A. Price is determined by five things: quality of granite, color, size, finish and shape. Just as the value of a diamond varies greatly and is determined by the cut, color and clarity, granite also varies greatly in the color, clarity and durability.

Small markers may cost only three or four hundred dollars,while very large monuments may cost many thousands of dollars.

The most important thing is to learn what the differences are and understand why some monuments cost more than others. Then you can make an educated choice.

Many things determine the price of a monument, and it is in the consumer's best interest to learn about them.
Q. What is a memorial guarantee?
A. There are a number of guarantees available in the monument industry. However, as in any industry, they vary greatly in wording and meaning.

Some simply say the stone is guaranteed to be from a particular quarry and say nothing about the quality and durability.

A memorial guarantee from Rock of Ages guarantees the monument against any natural deterioration, cracking or discoloration — forever.
Q. What is Rock of Ages?
A. Rock of Ages Corporation is located in Barre, Vermont. The company owns all the operating quarries in that area. They quarry large blocks and fabricate monuments in their finishing plant.

They also sell quarry blocks to other finishing plants. Rock of Ages Corp. was founded in 1885. They have been etching their Sealmark™ on monuments and furnishing a guarantee for over 80 years.

Their quality and workmanship are second to none. Rock of Ages memorials can be purchased only from a franchised dealer.









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